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Discover Canada's Top 3 Film and Video Game Hubs

Canada is home to some of the most vibrant and dynamic cities for film and video game production. These cities, often referred to as "production hubs," are bustling with opportunities for aspiring filmmakers and game developers.

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What is a Hub for Movie and Video Game Production?

A production hub is a city or region that has a high concentration of facilities, resources, and talent for film and video game production. These hubs offer everything needed to create movies and games, including studios, equipment, post-production services, and a skilled workforce. They also often provide financial incentives, such as tax credits, to attract production companies. These hubs are essential for the growth of the entertainment industry and provide numerous job opportunities.


Overview: Vancouver, often called "Hollywood North," is a major film and video game production hub. Its scenic landscapes and urban settings make it a versatile location for shooting various types of films and games. The city is home to numerous studios and post-production facilities, making it a one-stop-shop for all production needs.

Why Vancouver?

  1. Scenic Locations: Vancouver offers a diverse range of filming locations, from bustling cityscapes to serene natural environments.
  2. Skilled Workforce: The city boasts a large pool of experienced professionals in film and game production.
  3. Tax Incentives: The British Columbia government provides attractive tax credits to production companies.
  4. Tech and Innovation: Vancouver is known for its strong tech industry, which supports cutting-edge video game development.

Vancouver's film and video game industry is thriving, thanks to its incredible locations and talented professionals. - Mario Pochat, VANAS CEO


Overview: Toronto is another major production hub in Canada, known for its vibrant arts scene and state-of-the-art facilities. The city is a popular location for both domestic and international productions, thanks to its diverse architecture and cosmopolitan atmosphere.

Why Toronto?

  1. Cultural Diversity: Toronto's multicultural environment allows for a wide variety of filming styles and settings.
  2. Advanced Infrastructure: The city has numerous high-tech studios and post-production facilities.
  3. Financial Support: Ontario offers substantial tax credits and financial incentives for production companies.
  4. Events and Festivals: Toronto hosts several high-profile film festivals, providing networking opportunities for industry professionals.

Toronto's dynamic cultural scene and top-notch facilities make it a fantastic place for film and game production.


Overview: Montreal is renowned for its creative energy and rich cultural heritage. The city is a hotspot for video game production, with several major game studios headquartered there. Montreal also has a strong film industry, supported by its unique blend of European and North American influences.

Why Montreal?

  1. Creative Vibe: Montreal's artistic culture fosters creativity and innovation in film and game production.
  2. Bilingual Talent: The city offers a bilingual workforce, providing flexibility for productions in both English and French.
  3. Economic Incentives: Quebec offers competitive tax credits and incentives for production companies.
  4. Tech Hub: Montreal is a leading center for video game development, with many top-tier studios located in the city.

Montreal's vibrant arts community and supportive incentives make it a prime location for video game and film production.

How to Choose Which City to Go?

Deciding which production hub is right for you depends on several factors, including language, job opportunities, and the specific needs of your production.

  1. Language:
    • Vancouver and Toronto: Predominantly English-speaking, suitable for English-language productions.
    • Montreal: Bilingual, with a strong French-speaking community. Ideal for productions in both English and French.
  2. Job Opportunities:
    • Vancouver: Known for a robust film industry, offering numerous jobs in film production and post-production.
    • Toronto: Offers diverse opportunities in both film and television, as well as a growing video game sector.
    • Montreal: A major hub for video game development, with many job openings in the tech and creative sectors.
  3. Production Needs:
    • Vancouver: Ideal for productions requiring diverse natural and urban landscapes.
    • Toronto: Best for productions needing advanced infrastructure and a cosmopolitan backdrop.
    • Montreal: Perfect for creative projects benefiting from the city's artistic culture and bilingual talent.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a production hub?

A production hub is a city or region with a high concentration of resources and facilities for film and video game production, including studios, equipment, and a skilled workforce.

Why are Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal considered top production hubs in Canada?

These cities offer a combination of advanced infrastructure, skilled professionals, diverse filming locations, and attractive financial incentives, making them ideal for film and video game production.

How do tax incentives work for production companies?

Tax incentives reduce the amount of tax a production company owes by allowing them to deduct a percentage of their production costs, making it more cost-effective to produce films and games in those locations.

What types of jobs are available in film and video game production hubs?

Jobs range from acting and directing to technical roles such as software development, graphic design, and post-production work.

How can I choose the right production hub for my project?

Consider factors such as language preferences, job opportunities, and specific production needs when choosing a production hub.

Key Takeaways

  1. Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal are Canada's top production hubs for film and video games.
  2. Each city offers unique advantages, from scenic locations and cultural diversity to advanced infrastructure and economic incentives.
  3. Choosing the right production hub depends on factors such as language, job opportunities, and production requirements.
  4. Vancouver excels in natural and urban landscapes, Toronto in infrastructure and diversity, and Montreal in creative energy and bilingual talent.
  5. Tax incentives and financial support play a crucial role in attracting production companies to these cities.

VANAS Online Animation School offers Animation, Visual Effects, and Video Games programs at VANAS to launch your career.

Canada's top three film and video game production hubs—Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal—offer a wealth of opportunities for aspiring filmmakers and game developers. Each city has its unique strengths and appeals, making them attractive destinations for production companies.

Whether you're drawn to Vancouver's scenic beauty, Toronto's cultural diversity, or Montreal's creative vibe, these cities provide the resources and support needed to bring your projects to life.

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